Does your facility have instant replay?
Is your system giving the officials the best look to "Make the Right Call"?

Our GotoReplay system is affordable, easy to install, easy to use, and delivers high-resolution video for officials to review.

Sports Video Systems, Inc. is interested in arming the officials in your league with the best opportunity to get it RIGHT...Why be satisfied with less. Our replay system gives Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, Union, St. Lawrence, Princeton and the ECAC Championship Tournament the tools they need to let the officials Make the Right Call.

Is the system that you put in two, three or more years ago still cutting-edge? Do you have delays when you review, which is bad for teams, bad for the refs and really bad for the fans?

Inquire today about a review of your system and the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of the game... GotoReplay -->

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