ECAC Championship

April 2011

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City
Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

The system was installed in Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City for the tournament. Here are a few examples of the system in action. Even though these show you two camera angles simultaneously, the referees can choose which camera to look at.

These videos are featured with the permission of ECAC Hockey

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Yale vs Colgate

up Yale vs Colgate The puck rippled the side of the net. Was it a goal?

Dartmouth vs Cornell

up Yale vs Colgate No goal confirmed. The puck was kicked into the goal.

Dartmouth vs Cornell

up Dartmouth vs Cornell Dartmouth players celebrated but the puck never crossed the goal line.

Yale vs Cornell

up Yale vs Cornell Goal confirmed. The speed of the puck caused the officials to confirm the goal with replay.

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