Any system is only as good as the quality of the equipment and the program that runs it…. It is the ease that a Referee has when he is forced to decide whether it is a goal or no goal? That decision is the most crucial part of the game for all three teams on the ice -- the home team, the visting team and the officiating team. Hockey games are not won by luck. With GotoReplay, the quality of the system in place and the ease in using it will allow the officials to Make the Right Call!

For the players, the games may be won or lost in the corners but for officials, the money is at the net. Long after the game is over, everyone will forget a trip that wasn't called or a hold that is let go out at center ice. But no one will ever forget a goal that wasn't called because you didn't see it in the net…

The Referee makes the Right Call with GotoReplay….Here's what the Officials have to say…


" I can comment on the Dartmouth building, I didn't have any problems after we decided to go to replay. The picture in Dartmouth is so clear and precise that I could tell the minute I walked into the booth what the result of the play was.   The picture is a wider angle than in other rinks I work and the picture is 100 times better."

Peter Feola, Senior ECAC, IIHF and AHL Official

" Dartmouth - By far the best in the league that I have been at.  You get more of a view and the system is easy to use."

Andy Petrus, Senior Linesman, ECAC, AHL Linesman

" I reviewed the system at Dartmouth and that was nice.  It was clear and you were able to see almost out to the hash marks.  This gives the officials to review plays in the slot, very nice system."

Joe Carusone, ECAC Referee

" The replay system at Harvard was excellent, the best of any building. You can actually see the logo on the puck when they freeze the picture  

The key to any system is the monitor. The technology that is available at low costs allows for good size (24" or bigger) screens in either high-definition or digital. There are some systems where the monitor is old and the picture distant and not clear. It is very difficult to get a clear look at the play.

Regardless of the clarity of the picture, replay is absolutely necessary at the Division I level.  " 

Jack Millea, Senior Referee ECAC, Hockey East, AHL Linesman

" I liked the system we had in Atlantic City for the ECAC Championships.  The pictures were exceptionally clear and I was very confident in the technology. "

Harry Dumas, Senior ECAC Referee

" I used video 3 times this year.  The best system I thought was Dartmouth."

Cam Lynch, Referee, ECAC Women's D 1

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