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Paul Stewart

As the Director of Officiating for the ECAC Div 1 College Hockey Program, the issue of implementing video replay as directed by the NCAA by September 2011 was proving to be a challenge for our schools and affecting the officials on the ice who had to ref games without replay assistance.

The main stumbling block for the ECAC schools was cost. One company that is used by many NHL teams controlled the market and the price point was fixed at over $32,000.

By chance, while running a clinic for officials, a student who attended the skating sessions and I started to discuss his skates (horrible and old) and his desire to be a better official. While chatting, it came to light that Steve Sisak (the aspiring ref with the bad skates) was a graduate of MIT and well versed in computers. It was a stroke of fate that my home computer had recently been infected with a virus. Steve agreed to look at the problem. It was agreed that I would give him one of my new, never worn, Micron Plastic skates that used to be the rage back in the days of Clark Gillies and Jim Schoenfeld for fixing my computer.



With the deal struck and my computer fixed, Steve and I started to discuss the issue of video replay over a cold one in my garage. The first question; why was it so difficult to get our schools equipped with the technology to help the on ice officials make the right call? I could not understand why I could video conference from Moscow home to my kids for a minimal charge and yet couldn't get a video shot of a goal crease from the height of an arena to the ice without paying a fortune to the monopoly.

Steve and I quickly agreed that we would work on the tasks at hand and soon the system that would become GotoReplay was born. The Harvard and Dartmouth installations were so successful that we were asked to provide replay for the 2011 ECAC Championship games in Atlantic City, resulting in rave reviews including CBS College Sports.

I invite you to witness a demonstration of GotoReplay. You will be amazed at the clarity, simplicity and cost effectiveness of the system.

It's all about getting the right call in hockey. Winning and losing games is about goals regardless of how good the referee is. GotoReplay will be the difference for the good of your games and your team.

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Director of Officiating
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