Cornell vs Harvard No goal confirmed on review

You can pause the video and step through it frame by frame.

The referee is in perfect position to observe the play at the net BUT where is the puck? No doubt that the puck ends up in the net but HOW???

The replay shows the puck lodged in the pads of the goalie. The attacking Harvard player in a last minute desperate move pushes the Cornell goalie into the net with his stick...the puck has crossed the line...Replay showed all this to the referee who correctly ruled that there can be NO GOAL as pushing the goalie into the crease with the puck is not a legal way to propel the puck into the net for a goal..the referee was proven correct and the call on the ice stood...NO GOAL...

This play happened at Harvard when Cornell was winning by a goal in the last minute of the game....The replay showed Harvard's tying goal to be illegal and that decision impacted the game...Replay helped the refereee make THE RIGHT CALL.